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The meme season has officially descended upon MultiversX, heralding a time of unparalleled creativity, community, and, of course, memes that capture our collective imagination. Among the stars of this season is a token with a legacy, a pioneer in its own right—Beni Inu, the very first dog meme token on MultiversX.

Beni Inu History

Let's tell you the original story of the first dog meme coin on MultiversX:


BENI INU was born in Oct 2021, it was our vision to save dogs around the world and at the same time to have a decentralized asset on the blockchain be accessible not only for industry insiders but rather something that can be utilized by any user in the “real world”. It is important to mention that with the emergence of all sorts of tokens, a growing number of users, as well as businesses truly, struggle to find leverage on the existing financial infrastructure. Our pursuit is to bring about an interconnected paradigm where physical and virtual platforms become a reality.


(BNI) is proud to be the first dog meme token on the Elrond Network. The lineage of the name Beni Inu came from the Co-founder & CEO of the Elrond Network, Beniamin Mincu.

The name we chose is to show our dedication and love for Beniamin. We strive to offer the user access to a large range of blockchain assets as possible and at a maximum degree of convenience, while adhering to the highest security standards within the ecosystem. We can do this by connecting blockchains leveraging on the Elrond Network, including the Elrond Routing Protocol and the Cross-chain Payment Channels, which works in a completely trustless, instantaneous, and low-cost manner. This makes Beni inu the strongest dog meme token that can be used by regular people daily.

Beni Inu History
Beni Inu History


Our priority is to make crypto-currency accessible to everybody and we also want to help to save dogs around the world. BENI INU is a fun meme with a serious mission to rescue dogs in need, bring crypto adoption to the mainstream with new concepts. We aspire to put “cryptocurrency in every portfolio.” We envision a world where wealth-building strategies that were once only accessible to affluent individuals become available to everyone, transferring the power over our financial systems back to the people. BENI INU is going to create a revolutionary ecosystem to bring more people into digital assets, Building a safe and secure platform that is positioned for global adoption with no limitations helping to earn a handsome income through Holding, and betting along with maintaining their privacy, security, and autonomy. We strive to create an ecosystem based on sound monetary policies, with a sound and solid decentralized foundation, that should be expected with the BENI INU platform.